The year in Dawn

For my 2014 retrospective, I’ve chosen two shows from the past year that are returning in 2015 and that really shouldn’t be missed by NY-based-and-visiting parterriani. Read more »

The year in Corwin

Although I’m frequently envious of friends who frequent London or Paris or Berlin and their multiple opera houses with widely varied repertoires, I do know that New York City isn’t a bad place to live, operatically-speaking, particularly as I thought about the things I attended over the past calendar year. The ten (or actually eleven) events that make up my decidedly NYC-centric “Best of 2014” list are presented in chronological order.  Read more »

The year in Yohalem

My memory is fading but the events I recall most vividly of the last season (and I’m lopping over into 2013 and its triple double-O composers here: Verdi, Wagner, Britten) seem largely to have been concert performances. Read more »

The year in Ivy

2014 was a year of lemons into lemonade.

Read more »