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I got through all of last year, and I’m here

“James Jorden always wanted to direct, but when he first moved to New York the closest he could get to the stage was in a low-paying job sweeping up bobby pins. That’s when he had a a stroke of inspiration: if his career wasn’t advancing through official channels, maybe more underground measures would bring him success.” Our Own JJ [not pictured] is the guest on this week’s installment of The Sewers of Paris.

The elf on the self

Tenor/Sunnysider Jonathan Blalock, recent creator of the title role in Mark Adamo‘s Becoming Santa Claus at Dallas Opera, discusses the “deep spiritual raptures triggered by the religious music of his church” and how “as an adult, he finally gave himself permission to explore music without the religious accompaniment” on the essential podcast The Sewers of Paris. (Photo: Matt Madison-Clark)