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  • grimoaldo: It isn’t true that they did not have designers in the time I am talking about, a notice in... 3:18 PM
  • m. croche: And expensive- well, more expensive than stock sets, but otherwise the expense is relative, isn’t... 3:15 PM
  • armerjacquino: In 42nd St, you’ve-got-t o-come-back-a-star news, Teodora Gheorghiu is out of... 3:13 PM
  • armerjacquino: Yes, that too. 2:54 PM
  • armerjacquino: Well, we disagree I guess. It’s not the first time I’ve found myself, somewhat to... 2:53 PM
  • Indiana Loiterer III: Well, it was easier in Handel’s time, when opera companies only did new works in... 2:53 PM
  • Maury D: “Concern-tro ll” is exactly the phrase that popped into my head. 2:50 PM
  • luvtennis: Kid: have you heard the Grob Prandl on Walhall or is may Archipel? It is a German or Swiss based... 2:44 PM
  • armerjacquino: In Berlin, yes, according to her site. She’s also done Norma in Vienna in the last... 2:42 PM
  • m. croche: I’d disagree. Stage designs, costume designs and their creators are taken quite seriously... 2:42 PM

Mein Ross! Sei mir gegrüsst!

Götterdämmerung, the final installment of Lepage’s Ring, arrived in January, rounding out what must be considered a historic achievement. Pound for pound, ton for ton, it is the most witless and wasteful production in modern operatic history….  It’s an embarrassment that this catastrophically vapid spectacle is what New York has to offer to the world on the occasion of the Wagner bicentennial, which arrives next year.”  [The New Yorker]

Those whom the goddesses would destroy

poplavskaya_thumbControversial diva Marina Poplavskaya is the subject of a profile in the current New Yorker that does not include any bloodhounds snappin’ at her rear end, but that’s about the only life experience omitted. Highlights include the soprano’s lugging a trolley full of luggage across 14 lanes of Buenos Aires traffic following a dispute with a hotel manager, marking up in a dozen different colors the orchestra score of the Verdi Requiem, and the bit where she runs out the stage door in full evening dress, hops on a motorcycle, and zips off to the airport. Believe me, this is worth subscribing!

L’argent fait stealth attacks

koch_state_theaterCongratuations to David H. Koch for a lavish profile in The New Yorker celebrating his social success with Kennedys and Trumps and especially his munificence with artistic and cultural organizations including the New York City Opera!  And further kudos to The New Yorker for noting high up in the article that the publicity-shy philanthropist is “best known as part of a family that has repeatedly funded stealth attacks on the federal government, and on the Obama Administration in particular.” [The New Yorker]