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Monday in the park with mike

From up close, the miked opera singer can be a bit tough to take. Awkward out of her comfort zone and used to throwing her voice forward, she must scale back her sound and sauce it up in just the right places. She must act big for the back row, but sing for the cabaret. One overly harsh or bullying high note, and she’s the tuba in the library.  Read more »

They’re broke and that’s oak

The important thing to remember about Druids is that they don’t follow fashion very much. For example: on the left is the Met’s upcoming Norma for 2017; on the right is the same opera 47 years earlier.

Fresh faces

Bass Christian Zaremba, who will sing the role of Angelotti in the Met’s new production of Tosca opening New Year’s Eve, is but one of many names recently revealed on the updated Future Met Wiki for next season. (Photo by Scott Suchman.)

Not since John Dexter’s ‘Billy Budd’…

“Uh, I have,” Mr. McDermott said, laughing.

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Glitter and be gala

Finally, Peter Gelb brings camp back to opera!

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Fifty shades of gold

Anticipation of events like the Metropolitan Opera’s 50th Anniversary bash turns me back into the newly opera-soused kid who begged his parents to let him watch the highlights of the Bing Gala on the family color television.

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The music, ho!

Here’s where the parterriani will surely gather to hear and to comment upon this evening’s monster gala celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Met’s incumbency at Lincoln Center.

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Broadcast: Der Fliegende Holländer

More Wagner listening excitement this afternoon at 1:00 PM, cher public, on the Met’s Saturday afternoon broadcast.

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I lived, if you can call it living, for art

Since no doubt the New York contingent of the cher public are already shuddering in anticipation of a Kristine Opolais Tosca as a “gala” New Year’s Eve treat, La Cieca thought you might enjoy—again, surely too strong a word—a preview of sorts.

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Gewitter und Sturm

The wild tempest that whipped and drenched the audience as it exited the Met after Tuesday’s season premiere of Wagner’s Der Fliegende Holländer mirrored the finer features of the evening.

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