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  • antikitschychick: Another awesome treat. Thank you! The recordings on your Mixcloud page get me through my long commutes to and from... 10:15 PM
  • SilvestriWoman: And from that life-changing Ravinia recital, Mozart’s Abendempfindung, with no less than Peter Serkin at the... 9:47 PM
  • SilvestriWoman: I’m really not one for regrets, but how in the world did I live all those years in the Bay Area, and never see... 9:44 PM
  • zinka: .com/Donizetti-Pol iuto-Ana-Maria-Mar tinez/dp/B01FSGKK6 O/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UT F8&qid=1467335 085&sr=8-2&... 9:12 PM
  • Camille: Oh, so you walked, NPW? well, good for you. Life’s too short to suffer a bad performance is what I say. Don’t write... 8:40 PM
  • Camille: The singing on this one is really just about what I always want to hear but seldom do. I will keep this one for good. The color... 8:36 PM
  • Camille: I have two words: STOP IT! This is a brand new level of filth, one which is rare to encounter and usually only from the most... 8:31 PM
  • Camille: BRAVO, grimoaldo! I’m standing up as I say this. A delightful report chock filled with good things. I am hoping this will... 8:16 PM

Equal rites

As with all good myths, certainly all the myths at the heart of Wagner’s operas, the juggling of symbols and archetypes and themes in Parsifal opens the piece to a great variety of interpretations. Many recent productions have twisted things in a way that seemed to strain or defy Wagner’s intricate libretto and lush, meticulous score: gray springtimes in a world beyond nuclear or environmental holocaust, that sort of thing. But the world of Wagner’s tale is, like our own, a world in crisis, on a razor’s edge. That’s bound to resonate with contemporary directors. They then have many options in setting out the workings of the crisis in this fable of a solution to whatever may be broken.   Read more »