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  • Milly Grazie: Karita was truly living that stuff! Loved it! Putting aside the stereotype of introverted Finns, is it just me or was the... 7:13 AM
  • armerjacquino: Costumes translated literally from real life don’t work on stage, as I’m sure you know better than me. I genuinely... 7:01 AM
  • manou: This nearly works: http://www.forumop hommes-preferent-n orma 6:07 AM
  • Cicciabella: AJ, no-one’s suggesting tarts-and-vicars nuns’ habits. I’ve known lots of nuns: none of them went about in... 3:14 AM
  • Cicciabella: That’s this evening taken care of then. 2:57 AM
  • NPW-Paris: Orange: http://www.choregi ml 1:41 AM
  • NPW-Paris: And subscription sales start the same day. Panic as usual. 1:38 AM
  • NPW-Paris: Aix en Provence: http://festival-ai 1:36 AM

Rose to the occasion

Count on Gotham Chamber Opera to spice up the spring season with “the story of a man who even today remains infamous for his sexual appetites, his appointment of an all-female senate, and his well-deserved assassination.” Read more »