A point upon a map of fog

goerke elektraSan Francisco Opera in 2017-2018 presents the Ring cycle, a new John Adams/Peter Sellars collaboration called Girls of the Golden West, plus new productions of Elektra (Christine Goerke, Stephanie Blythe, Adrianne Pieczonka) and Manon (Nadine Sierra,  Michael Fabiano.)  Read more »

Tag sale

aida-1It is a good rule of thumb that if you emerge from a massive grand opera like Aida feeling any less than overwhelmed, you have a right to be somewhat disappointed. Such was the case when I left San Francisc Opera’s inconsistent production this past week.  Read more »

All night long

butterfly-1In one important respect, a great production of Puccini resembles a great production of Wagner. The music of both composers has what we might call “a heavenly length”—musical phrase and direction that can be mapped out in the tens of minutes, even hours.  Read more »

Lounging in their caftans and planning a triumph on their own behalf

The entire action is set at a cocktail party at the Taylor-Burtons’ circa 1971

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Life sentence

Janácek’s disconcerting commentary on youth and immortality received a full-throated performance.

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Stone cold killer

This may be Karita Mattila’s greatest role.

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Four faints in five acts

That little place just two hours from the city is on the list of things I shall never understand, like the plot of Parsifal.

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Incomplete mountain pass

The big news on Van Ness Avenue, it goes without saying, is Calixto Bieito’s operatic debut on these shores.

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I shall marry the Miller’s daughter

I grew up with the Anna Moffo recording of Luisa Miller, so it was fortuitous that the Met gave the premiere of a new production in 1968, around the time RCA released the album.

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Ombra mai fu!

When it comes to throwing shade, Latrice Royale herself must surely yield her crown to the queen who made a contribution to the Rentboy.com Legal Defense Fund “In honor of David Gockley and San Francisco Opera’s production of Gordon Getty‘s Usher House.”

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