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  • manou: Grim – I am listening to the Vasco broadcast now and marvel again at Alagna’s perfect diction. I can understand every... 2:43 PM
  • manou: lorenzo – I am Jewish* too (my grandparents came from Corfu and therefore spoke Venetian as well as several other useful... 2:41 PM
  • rapt: Plus a splendid grand-opera-style multi-sectioned finale to the second act! 2:38 PM
  • lorenzo.venezia: Manou – as an American Jew I fear Persepolis et al are places I’ll have to enjoy through photographs ;-) 2:19 PM
  • grimoaldo: Thank you dear Camille,you are so sweet. “Princess Ida” has very lovely music,more lyrical than most of the other... 2:10 PM
  • manou: Just checking I have got rid of the bold attack 1:48 PM
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  • manou: Thanks so much for this, lorenzo – we also went to Pasargadae (which is a bit of a disappointment). The tribunes built for... 1:47 PM

I have seen the future and it is posh

The visionary Rupert Christiansen peers into the mists of the not-yet and apprehends the perfection of the Wagnerian Gesamtkunstwerk. In his radical new vision, text, music, design, movement and light are fused to those two other absolutely vital aspects of the musico-dramatic experience: snob appeal and hampers of ice-cold Champagne. [The Telegraph]

“And I presume you know what that unfortunate movement led to?”

“Meanwhile top-flight native talents such as Lucy Crowe, Mary Bevan, Allan Clayton and Anthony Gregory are shunted into revivals of The Magic Flute and The Mikado, and potential stars such as Marcus Farnsworth and Elizabeth Llewellyn don’t even get a look in. One doesn’t need to be a UKIP xenophobe or Little Englander to feel that this is wrong, wrong, wrong and a betrayal of the spirit of ENO’s Founding Fathers.” [The Telegraph]

I have ever used to set the last Judgment Day before mine eyes

Rupert Christiansen: “That pathetic old woman is also a great and noble queen.” [The Telegraph]


“Specialist subject, the bleeding obvious”

Jonathan Miller‘s Carmen for Mid Wales Opera has no sexual electricity, complains Rupert Christiansen

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Fish are jumping and the dudgeon is high

“Quaint camp, says Rupert Christiansen.”

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KIngdom of the blind

Cher public, you know that Rupert Christiansen is not someone with whom your doyenne often agrees, but this time he’s got it right.

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On this island

“The Valerie Masterson of our generation!”

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I’ve something to say that’s less than urgent

peaking of vicious-minded small town gossips, Rupert Christiansen (not pictured) is at his exercise again this morning, trying to tempt Dame Felicity Palmer into saying unpleasant things about David Alden and Richard Jones.

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red meat

Why Rupert Christiansen is the wrong commentator about gay rights protesters

The veteran British critic click-whored

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“Where was Liam Joshua?”

Anyone looking for orgiastic obscenity in Calixto Bieito‘s production of Carmen at the London Coliseum, will be bitterly disappointed, writes Rupert Christiansen.

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