Cher Public

  • Jungfer Marianne Leitmetzerin: Frittoli? Yikes! The first time I recall hearing her was in 2002 as Mozart’s Contessa (with Muti).... 2:38 PM
  • LT: Nice to hear that there are no new revelations for Frittoli on the character of Nedda during her first ever staged performances of the... 2:36 PM
  • antikitschychick: @armerj: yeah not the term itself, but the concept and how it is usually employed, esp from what I’v observed here... 2:35 PM
  • manou: Certainly hope you are not nobbling any Austrians Jungfer. Have a nibble instead. 2:32 PM
  • Jungfer Marianne Leitmetzerin: “Too carried away?” – wow – are they asking the wrong questions! 2:30 PM
  • Poison Ivy: How is “opera hot” sexist and objectifying? Ok whatever. Then here goes: Berti: below average looking, opera curve... 2:30 PM
  • antikitschychick: Was that Lisette Oropesa singing just now during the birds in opera segment? :-) 2:28 PM
  • Jungfer Marianne Leitmetzerin: Time for the birds… and a second cocktail and maybe something Austrian to nobble on. 2:28 PM

Between the conception and the creation between the emotion and the response

So finally we can see what the Robert Lepage Ring would have looked like if only the Machine hadn’t been totally fucked. Read more »

Plank your lucky stars

You Wagnerians out there (and you know who you are!) who are so busily either enjoying this season’s Ring cycle (or, perhaps, not so much) maybe be fascinated and/or appalled to hear that the next scheduled appearance of the Met’s production has been canceled, as irrevocably as these things can ever be. What we know, after the jump. Read more »

Avec la participation exceptionnelle de La Machine

La Cieca (not pictured) is always delighted when Met stars “cross over” into more popular genres of entertainment, as for example Stephanie Blythe and Nathan Gunn in Carousel. So imagine La Cieca’s glee (just imagine, I tell you!) when she found out that the star of the Met’s Ring production will make a cameo appearance in the popular Hunger Games film franchise. Read more »


Requiem for a dream

Last night, La Cieca finally got around to watching that documentary about the rocky road to the new Ring at the Met, and she has a thought or two about this whole brouhaha.

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I enjoy being a valkyrie

So, take a look after the jump and tell La Cieca the two things that are wrong (they’re related) about the cover of the Met’s new Ring DVD/Blu-ray.

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The Wurm turns

The Met’s controversial Ring cycle, directed by Robert Lepage (not pictured) and conducted by TBA (possibly pictured) makes its home video debut on September 11.

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Planks, for the memory

The Robert Lepage production of the Ring cycle will be shown complete (including the now de rigueur fifth part of the pentalogy, Wagner’s Dream) September 11-14 on PBS

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You got a brand new key signature

You can call Robert Lepage many things (and the critics have!), but one thing you cannot call him is “inflexible.”

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When Divas Collide II: Mad Men Edition

To kick off this week’s intermission feature, cher public, La Cieca invites you to imagine who said what to whom to make two legendary ladies laugh so lustily?

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How sharper than a serpent’s tooth

“The Met’s new Ring is the most frustrating opera production I have ever had to grapple with.”

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