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Soreness and burning

“Ms. Fleming, 58, and Ms. Dessay, 52, faced the same problem over the past decade or so.” [New York Times]

‘Ja, ja’ land

With today’s conclusion of a selected Rosenkavalier video overview in three parts, we leave behind the Vienna of the 1740s, the time of breeches, fans and white wigs. All three of the remaining performances reflect a modern trend toward setting Rosenkavalier in a less distant era, that of the opera’s premiere or a decade or two thereafter.  Read more »


All right, so Renée Fleming says she’s not retiring from opera at the moment, and who should know better than she herself? But can someone please explain why in this interview (right after the jump), less than seven months ago, she seems to imply that, in fact, she is leaving opera behind?  Read more »

Today or tomorrow or the day after that

“Time is a strange thing,” the lady observes, to a young man who cannot begin to understand what she is talking about.

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She’s doing her own little thing

“She wanted to be Beyoncé. She still does”

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She has immortal longings in her

All right, folks, if you’re going to troll La Cieca, you might try just a little subtlety.

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The sprite in you

Today’s Rusalka video overview covers filmed performances of Dvorák’s opera since 2010.

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White blossoms scorched by the sun

While some once-popular Met operas have fallen into neglect in the past quarter century, Rusalka has returned regularly since its 1993 premiere.

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It has become that time of morning

Renée Fleming doesn’t sound Southern. In fact, she doesn’t even sound Earthian.

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The expression “and then I clicked close tab” gets thrown around a lot these days…

“An adventurous mix of music by Samuel Barber, Anders Hillborg and Björk…”

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