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Scrumptious and relatable

A woman-themed evening, as both authors and subjects of song

Dear Jamie Barton,

Last week at Zankel, as always, you made everyone want to bravo and swoon and scream-cry and also maybe phone a few dads to say it’s okay, all bygones now, we’re basically dead. Read more »


Cape fearsome

It may be true that opera singers aren’t always at their comfiest in the lonely context of the cabaret space. But last week, a pair of terrific recitals demonstrated what kind of intimate spell a dramatic singer can cast when left alone with a piano.  Read more »

Leah and the barihunk

At yesterday’s recital at the Morgan Library, presented by the George London Foundation for Singers, Leah Crocetto sang as her encore Kern and Hammerstein’s “Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man.” The performance was quite special; something seemed to open up in her. Her voice bloomed, redolent with melancholy and longing. Mark Markham, her pianist, urged her on with his jazzy playing; together they developed a symbiotic rapport—they listened to each other, let loose, and had a good time. It was a magical moment, exemplary of all that is wonderful about live performance.  Read more »


There was a moment during Natalie Dessay’s performance of Schubert’s “Gretchen am Spinnrade” when the singer summoned the ghost of her former self.

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Head space

The best part of Paul Appleby’s recital for the Philadelphia Chamber Society came in his last two groups.

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Light from shadow

Javier Camarena offered a performance carefully calibrated to a more intimate venue that nonetheless offered emotionally potent results.

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Blackberry winner

Washingtonians enjoyed a happy reunion this past Sunday with David Daniels.

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Who’s that girl?

Diana Damrau is a great flirt.

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Beyond the blue horizon

Besides the heavens and a sweater in The Devil Wears Prada, it is the hue of Hibla Gerzmava’s soprano, in contrast to the red or rose or red-orange voices of most sopranos.

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From the depths

I was greatly anticipating Karita Mattila’s recital on Friday in Toronto’s Koerner Hall.

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