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  • NPW-Paris: Where, by the way, did they get that bed? Off the set of (Disney’s) Beauty and the Beast? 7:41 AM
  • Don_Dano: Wow! Michael Fabiano sang Nemorino in Fort Worth back in 2010. I never made that connection. That was a nice night at the opera.... 7:38 AM
  • Chanterelle: Didn’t refresh the page to see NPW-Paris’s description of the passage I had in mind. 7:36 AM
  • Chanterelle: Hah! Warlikowski’ t Don Giovanni comes to mind… 7:35 AM
  • phoenix: You’re very welcome, Porgy – this was quite a detailed project and one of the best reads I’ve ever had on... 6:39 AM
  • phoenix: A lot of relevant comments here – I’m glad I waited & read them (and listened to the end). In spite of this... 6:34 AM
  • armerjacquino: Hey, don’t knock it. When I’d been with my other half for just three weeks, he came to see me in a show on... 5:31 AM
  • NPW-Paris: E.g. “I suppose Krzysztof Warlikowski was bound to come a cropper at some stage, and that was exactly how French daily Le... 5:05 AM

The burning Ghars, or Ghats, or whatever they are

Lots of chatter in the British press about the Rowley rowdydow at the Garden, but what interests La Cieca the most is the pictorial evidence that Laurent Pelly‘s production of Robert le Diable looks exactly like a biscuit box.