Drunk in love

Fledermaus PreludeAccording to my taste, Die Fledermaus is an intoxicating opera—perfumed with nostalgia, redolent with sweetness, and suggestive of transport. Maybe it’s the waltzes, the ornate costumes, and the farcical sleights-of-hand? It’s all so easy to swallow, warm and comforting in the belly like smooth wine.  Read more »

The singer’s art

prelude boheme revisedLast night I saw a production of La bohème that made me realize something: call me old fashioned, but when I go to the opera, I go to hear beautiful singing. This is because quality singing is the only practice that opera does better than any other popular discipline. Sure, there is good singing to be found in the recital and concert hall, but for me the real blood-and-guts singing has always remained within the opera house.  Read more »