Cher Public

  • Batty Masetto: “Nostril Monti” is actually a lost Italian version of Cyrano de Bergerac. 2:09 PM
  • Batty Masetto: With CÔTES DE PORC AU BÛCHER as an intermezzo? 2:06 PM
  • manou: “Pire” is the opposite of “Mieux” ;. 1:54 PM
  • DeepSouthSenior: Helen Morgan as Julie in the 1936 film of Show Boat – ah, perfection. Morgan’s sultry delivery and Irene... 1:53 PM
  • LT: Did Lemieux sing Di quella pira, and hence you renamed her? 1:52 PM
  • manou: Apologies for the errant full stop – although I did manage to foil the autocorrect who offered “nostrilR 21; and... 1:17 PM
  • manou: Just saw a splendid “Trovatore&# 8221; in Orange – Hui He was. a tremendous Leonora, George Petean delivered a textbook... 1:13 PM
  • Paris Athenes: If I may, Fidelio also on Aug. 13 as well as Le nozze di figaro (Luca Pisaroni as il conte) Aug. 9 1:12 PM

Ring cycle

According to Tim Page‘s Facebook page (and who is La Cieca to doubt Tim Page’s Facebook page, I ask you?), Anthony Tommasini and his long-time partner Ben McCommon were married on Friday. Congratulations to the happy couple!