Stop the wedding

Opera Philadelphia ended its season with Le Nozze di Figaro, Friday, and it will play May 3, 5, and 7—a matinee. Figaro is considered by most to be one of the few perfect operas and although it’s perhaps too easily encountered in routine run-throughs, there are usually rewards in seeing it.  Read more »

The opposite of sax

Opera Philadelphia announced today that Lawrence Brownlee, whose lead performance in the 2015 world premiere of Charlie Parker’s Yardbird kick started the company’s “big commitment to new repertoire” (The Wall Street Journal), has joined the company as an Artistic Advisor.

Death becomes him

Tancredi is credited with being the opera that made Rossini’s name famous across Europe. Despite a lackluster world premiere on February 6, 1813, the opera eventually had an enormous vogue, and the hero’s entrance aria “Di tanti palpiti” became the equivalent of a pop song. Based on the memoirs of people of the time, it evidently could be heard sung or whistled on the streets, wafting from windows, hummed in churches, all over Europe!  Read more »

Geopolitics Italian style

How Verdi’s opera might address this particular nightmare was unclear.

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New waves

Missy Mazzoli, a 36-year-old composer from Brooklyn, has created the most startling and moving new American opera in memory.

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In Charlie Parker’s Yardbird, an opera based on the famed jazz musician’s life, the title character asks, “So if there is a God, why does the negro suffer? Is my prayer, my music lesser, smaller in God’s eyes?”

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Say it with music

Capriccio was a great pleasure on Friday night, March 4. This was a co-production of Opera Philadelphia and The Curtis Institute, presented in the intimate Pearlman Theater at the Kimmel Center.

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When this cruel war is over

Jarrett Ott is a star. That is the only surprise takeaway from the well-intended snore, Cold Mountain.

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Bird lives!

The Apollo Theater and Opera Philadelphia just announced that Charlie Parker’s YARDBIRD will have its New York premiere in a co-production between the two institutions, April 1 and 3, 2016.

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Lost soul

Lisette Oropesa sang “The Lost One”—the meaning of “traviata.”

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