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  • Cicciabella: Thanks, manou. Now that should be on DVD: Alagna’s Cav/Pag. Maybe it is, for all I know. 4:14 PM
  • dgf: Martinez’s Chicago “RusalkaR 21; was beautifully sung and acted, and the production, as a whole, was a far more... 3:47 PM
  • Lohengrin: A special creation for Madame Anna. 3:16 PM
  • messa di voce: Harteros will be cast as Magda, but she’ll cancel and be replaced by Jaho. 3:09 PM
  • manou: grimoaldo – do not read this!! I have seen Alagna (in Orange) as both Turiddù and Canio and he was really good. I am not... 3:02 PM
  • antikitschychick: hey everyone I have a general question: which major opera houses/festivals have announced their lineups for next season... 2:50 PM
  • antikitschychick: Oh ok and yes I agree. Per AN’s website there will be a live cinema simulcast: http://www.annanet 2:44 PM
  • jacobelli: Sorry, I was replying to Ivy’s post below about Nadine Sierra, not this post about Isabel Leonard. 2:36 PM

“Never mind!”

Depending on which time this morning you read Slipped Disc (and you don’t, of course, but on the off chance you were so foolish) you would have found out that Literally the Worst Journalist Who Ever Lived was reporting an exclusive story that Graham Vick was fired from a La Scala production of La fanciulla del West because he intended to insert a gay bar scene into the opera, or else that Vick’s departure from the production—which was actually announced three months ago—had nothing to do with inserting a gay bar scene into a La Scala production of La fanciulla del West.    Read more »

Bête baignoire

Why, look: Norman Lebrecht has found yet another reactionary cause to embrace! [Slipped Disc]


There is something for everyone on the internet, even classical music aficionados who are looking for fellow bacon-lovers to share stories about breastfeeding porn arrests.


Schadenfreude, schöner Götterfunken

“One of the most highly-regarded pianists of our time, Grigory Sokolov, has refused to accept the Cremona Music Award 2015 because it has previously been awarded to the blogger Norman Lebrecht.”

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white male

When Caucasians collide

Here’s a charming example of an old European white male quoting another old European white male for the purpose of mansplaining to those silly Asians why they have no business getting offended at ethnic stereotypes.

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Canard Lebrecht

Dog bites man, part infinity

“The soup is hot; the soup is cold; Norman Lebrecht got it wrong again.”

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Pulped friction

Prepare to have your eyes opened.

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All right, God, you have my attention

Norman Lebrecht announces that Deborah Voigt , “one of the leading Brünnhildes of our time,” will join Rufus Wainwright to sing arias from Prima Donna (5) and will then join him in a duet of “If I Loved You” from Carousel and… oh, I just can’t.

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Canard Lebrecht

If it quacks like a Lebrecht

Peter Gelb says opera in the United States is having trouble finding an audience.”

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KIngdom of the blind

Cher public, you know that Rupert Christiansen is not someone with whom your doyenne often agrees, but this time he’s got it right.

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