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  • Jim: Redbear…I only saw the HD…and can recall saying to myself: “Note to file –... 12:41 PM
  • Jim: Redbear…I only saw the HD…and can recall saying to myself: “Note to file –... 12:39 PM
  • Rackon: There’s a pirate audio of the Chicago Manon with Dessay that’s very good. That... 12:34 PM
  • stignanispawn: Since I have seen no press for the Crested Butte Rigoletto, I offer the following: Crested... 12:27 PM
  • stignanispawn: Since I have seen no press for the Crested Butte Rigoletto, I offer the following: Crested... 12:26 PM
  • steveac10: Could Loeb be persuaded to give some PR lessons to the folks at MU and AGMA? Although it’s... 12:24 PM
  • DellaCasaFan: … my previous post was in response to Kashi. Ciccia, you’re right. He’s... 12:16 PM
  • Lohengrin: There are some small clips from Chicago with Dessay on Youtube. 12:14 PM
  • Rackon: Clita, I saw that LOC Manon (in 2008) and thought it was pretty wonderful. I liked the McVicar... 12:11 PM
  • Cicciabella: Alagna was a very charming and sympathetic Des Grieux. Made me almost forget what a gormless,... 12:09 PM

If it quacks like a Lebrecht

It’s Logic 101, really: “Peter Gelb says opera in the United States is having trouble finding an audience. A single performance at the Mariinsky Opera last week sold out. Therefore, Peter Gelb is a liar.”

KIngdom of the blind

Cher public, you know that Rupert Christiansen is not someone with whom your doyenne often agrees, but this time he’s got it right. Of course, it’s hard to get anything wrong if you disagree with a click-whoring windbag like Norman Lebrecht.

Where the boys are

When Norman Lebrecht is declaring on an almost daily basis that classical music is dead, it’s perhaps heartening that four of today’s prominent tenors have recently recorded what might be called fluff/vanity albums.

Joseph Calleja released an album of eclectic love songs, named (what else?) Amore. Hot on its heels is Vittorio Grigolo’s foray into an equally eclectic mix of religious songs, Ave Maria. On a slightly less fluffy level are Rolando Villazón’s album of Mozart concert arias, intriguingly entitled Mozart, and Juan Diego Flórez’s foray into the French spinto/heroic repertoire, named, naturellement, L’amour.   Read more »


Cover to cover

La Cieca (pictured) is thrilled to announce the debut of a new online book club hosted by Norman Lebrecht of “Slipped Disc” fame.

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Follow me and climb the stairs

La Cieca was hoping for an official announcement from the New York Times before she posted this, but it looks like she’s going to have to grit her teeth and link to Norman Lebrecht after all.

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The world of tomorrow

“Sony Classical is proud to announce the signing of an exclusive recording contract with Plácido Domingo. This new agreement brings the legendary singer back to the company where his unparalleled recording career started in the late 1960s. Sony Classical’s catalog boasts many of his milestone recordings, and the renewed collaboration between Mr. Domingo and the label promises to explore new repertoire areas and showcase fascinating new aspects of this great artist.” [via Slipped Disc]

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A woman running City Opera? Unheard of!

“Zambello, a busy stage director, should have become director of New York City Opera a few years back but was rejected by a sexist board.” [Lebrecht] On a completely unrelated note, happy birthday Beverly Sills!

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There will be blood

As perhaps you know, if there’s anyone Norman Lebrecht hates more than opera singers and superstar conductors, it’s artists’ managers. So imagine his glee when he got his mitts on an email “leaked… in the dark of night” detailing “the balance of terror that prevails between a soloist and the person who supposedly has his or her best interests at heart…. the stuff of nightmares.” 

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No cure for the common scold

Every time La Cieca says she’s through once and for all reading Norman Lebrecht, that middlebrow minstrel of the maestro myth soars to new heights of noisomeness. This time (yet again) it’s about how utterly callous those silly opera singers are for canceling (imagine!) when they’re too sick to sing.  

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