The “mainstay” in question, Francesca da Rimini, was performed at La Scala four times in 1950 and five times in 1959. (There is also the questionable judgment of calling anything David Pountney does “new.”)

Slipped hypocrisy

Coot-owned and -operated blog which never reviews anything complains that the New York Times classical music section is reviewing the wrong things. Bonus homophobia in the comments section!  Read more »

My metaphor was drawn from genocides

Why yes, of course. Peter Gelb offering voluntary buyouts to a couple of dozen employees is precisely the same thing as Nazis murdering hundreds of people. In the same way that when I say I want to sledgehammer Norman Lebrecht‘s skull into a pulp, what I actually mean is that I want to send him a dignified note reminding him of his responsibility as a journalist not to tell fibs.

“And the usherette was all out of raspberry ripple lollies!”

Long-time followers of Norman Lebrecht will not be surprised in the least to hear this.

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Deplorable disc

Norman Lebrecht is a bloody-minded crank, but, honestly, some of the commenters on his site make him seem the reincarnation of Mother Teresa.

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Trifecta of horror

Jackie Evancho! Andrea Bocelli! Donald Trump! I mean, what else do you want, a Zuni fetish doll eviscerating Karen Black?

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Soprano fegato

“It appears that 12.5 million Italians watched the liver relay of the original version of Madam Butterfly from La Scala,” claims Norman Lebrecht, which is perfectly accurate except that there was no organ meat involved in the telecast.

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Tool time

Those of you who follow the blog Slipped Disc will not be at all surprised that Norman Lebrecht has taken the opportunity of this weekend’s difficulties at the Met to behave like a total dick.

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A tale told by an idiot

Braindead fucktard Norman Lebrecht makes two major errors of fact in two sentences.

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Norman Lebrecht wants *you* to fact-check his next column

Braindead coot Norman Lebrecht gets it wrong again.

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