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  • Lohenfal: Steve, it seems to me that the issue of Levine’s replacement would rest with the Met Board,... 9:51 PM
  • steveac10: I grew up in Minneapolis, and in the 70′s the local opera company was practically an... 9:48 PM
  • OpinionatedNeophyte: She’s an amazing Cio-Cio San I find this insulting at this point. 9:40 PM
  • Indiana Loiterer III: You will be glad to hear that Latonia Moore is scheduled for four Aidas next season... 9:18 PM
  • rapt: I don’t have anythng intelligent to add to the discussion of the Met’s big problems, but I... 9:03 PM
  • Clita del Toro: BTW, Indiana, Aida was not routine when Lationia sang the role. Where the f is she? I guess... 9:02 PM
  • Indiana Loiterer III: Some nice ideas for exposure, but are you sure that “these days young people... 8:54 PM
  • kashania: Yes, but isn’t it amusing to see people come up with magic bullet solutions that the overpaid... 8:51 PM
  • Indiana Loiterer III: Or as in “Hallelujah! ” (Couldn’t resist.) 8:44 PM
  • Indiana Loiterer III: And even though the opera connoisseur is tired of the yearly Bohemes, Traviatas,... 8:42 PM

On a clear day you can “C” forever

Of course,  we all know a Marilyn Horne anecdote without a four-letter word is about as plausible as a martini without gin, but the tale that kicks off her Q&A with Zachary Woolfe is particularly bracing. You’ll be both shaken and stirred by this interview in the current Capital New York.