Cher Public

  • Camille: OMGAWD!!! Don’t bring him back!! Still remember that wedding to Miss Vicki on the Johnny Carson Show and didn’t yet... 3:22 PM
  • Camille: Sorry, another italic fail but this time not enough. Should end at this point: In addition, there were seemingly secondary... 3:19 PM
  • Camille: Monsieur NPW, The mention of FĂ©licien David brought to mind this excellent book which discusses, (not however the Herculanum you... 3:14 PM
  • leosweill: fun find: Robert Carsen’s recent production of Fanciulla from La Scala. httpv://www.youtub 7OsB9H4... 3:06 PM
  • PushedUpMezzo: A teenage favourite which probably influenced my preference for lower female voices. She was 14 here. Love the... 2:52 PM
  • No Expert: Ah, the 1960’s, when anything seemed possible. 2:30 PM
  • Camille: Well, thanks! I am deeply suspicious of those recordings from that place but maybe I’ll chance it as such is my curiosity... 2:09 PM
  • chicagoing: Final Don Carlo performance in San Francisco tonight with Furlanetto in for Pape. Wish I was there to see it again. 1:56 PM

Magrets de canard

Sound please!For our weekly meander through mendacity, we turn to no less than Gotham Chamber Opera’s own Neal Goren (not pictured), who writes, “People repeat as fact that women ruin their voices, or at least sacrifice their high notes, by singing in chest voice. So untrue!”

Rose to the occasion

Count on Gotham Chamber Opera to spice up the spring season with “the story of a man who even today remains infamous for his sexual appetites, his appointment of an all-female senate, and his well-deserved assassination.” Read more »