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  • Feldmarschallin: Bahnreisende müssen sich von Dienstag an auf den bisher längsten Streik der Lokführer im... 1:51 PM
  • Stefan: Thanks for the great review. I find Stuttgart a fabulous house to visit. Very little here is... 12:55 PM
  • overstimmelated: Why does the Met (as I think has been the case all season) still list “TBAR... 12:54 PM
  • phoenix: ah yes, the chairs can be revelatory – the Philadelphia Don Carlo made clear the chain of... 12:10 PM
  • kashania: Thanks for the great review, La Cieca. Looking forward to the rest of your European adventure. 11:13 AM
  • kashania: Toronto and Houston are getting Goerke in successive seasons with one Brünhilde at a time. And... 11:09 AM
  • Quanto Painy Fakor: This news about the Ian Campbell buy off is disgusting! http://www.kpbs... 9:44 AM
  • La Cieca: Oh boo hoo. The armchair served a specific purpose dramatically and the straight back chairs were,... 9:38 AM
  • aulus agerius: “What chairs?” There was the ubiquitous armchair which was a focal point of the... 9:22 AM
  • manou: Ah, but a great touch of originality here “…most ly in black and white against video... 8:41 AM

You didn’t notice the wallpaper?

In the interest of absolute accuracy (for surely the cher public deserves no less!) La Cieca offers the following correction. The location pictured in the still photo of Naked Opera is not, in fact, the Berlin Komische Oper, but rather the Hotel Imperial in Vienna. And how does La Cieca know that, you ask? Read more »