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Come to the unstable

lancesterThirty years ago today, Elsa Lanchester left this planet.  While she is best remembered as the titular Bride of Frankenstein, in her 60+ year career she contributed much more than an unforgettable shriek and a lightning bolt in her beehive.  Let’s celebrate the coming of 2017 with a peek at her cabaret act consisting of bawdy Cockney songs.  Read more »

Himself when young

enfanceEight days ago, Williams posted herein: “Enfance du Christ is a sublime work (wishing we could trade any of the multitude of holiday Messiahs for just one).”  He must have been reading my mind: I programmed it for Montag mit Marianne several months ago.  This week features Roger Norrington leading a December 2006 performance from Berlin with Yvonne Naef, Mark Padmore, Christopher Maltman and Ralf Lukas.  Read more »

Will you tell me what it’s all for?

howes“Good God—an adult musical!” exclaimed Clive Barnes in the New York Times a day after Steven Sondheim’s A Little Night Music opened at the Schubert Theater in February 1973.   Read more »

Next to Norma

Anita Cerquetti had one of the most remarkable, most brief careers in opera in the past century.

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Solid gold

This week’s opera is Die Liebe der Danae.

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Leonie on the Nile

Leonie Rysanek, would have turned 90 today.

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Trouble in Thebes

What to do with all those glorious short operas: play them alone or find companion pieces?

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The lady is a camp

Verdi’s Macbeth gets true blood-and-guts treatment from Guillermo Sarabia and the legendary Marisa Galvany.

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Hell and back

A simply gorgeous performance of Gluck’s Orphée et Euridice starring Juan Diego Flórez. 

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Bard of Avon calling

Works inspired by William Shakespeare are everywhere in 2016.

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