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  • Quanto Painy Fakor: Of course! I still think of that Turandot cover whenever I find an unusual pasta shape that might be useful in a new... 11:17 PM
  • Bill: Poison Ivy – Shicoff was a wonderful interpreter of roles and I think the most beautifully sung Peter Grimes I have seen to... 11:03 PM
  • kph11863: So since a final tracklist has not as yet been supplied by DGG, should we try to guess as to what might be included? TURANDOT... 10:56 PM
  • LogeLizard: https://en.wikiped e_Home_%28Cher_son g%29#/media/File:T ake_Me_Home_%28Che r_single,_cover... 10:48 PM
  • LogeLizard: Shades of “Take Me Home.” Cher should sue. And while we’re talking “verismoR 21; and spaghetti,... 10:42 PM
  • PCally: Getting to the album for moment. I’m really looking forward to this as her voice is made for this rep. But I’m a... 10:36 PM
  • mjmacmtenor: I have a few of these (including the Holst and the Vaughan Williams albums), but I never knew there were so many. The... 9:58 PM

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