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  • Batty Masetto: “Nostril Monti” is actually a lost Italian version of Cyrano de Bergerac. 2:09 PM
  • Batty Masetto: With CÔTES DE PORC AU BÛCHER as an intermezzo? 2:06 PM
  • manou: “Pire” is the opposite of “Mieux” ;. 1:54 PM
  • DeepSouthSenior: Helen Morgan as Julie in the 1936 film of Show Boat – ah, perfection. Morgan’s sultry delivery and Irene... 1:53 PM
  • LT: Did Lemieux sing Di quella pira, and hence you renamed her? 1:52 PM
  • manou: Apologies for the errant full stop – although I did manage to foil the autocorrect who offered “nostrilR 21; and... 1:17 PM
  • manou: Just saw a splendid “Trovatore&# 8221; in Orange – Hui He was. a tremendous Leonora, George Petean delivered a textbook... 1:13 PM
  • Paris Athenes: If I may, Fidelio also on Aug. 13 as well as Le nozze di figaro (Luca Pisaroni as il conte) Aug. 9 1:12 PM

“I felt the hand of Death”

Oddly enough, Eva Marton‘s interpretation of the Kostelnicka (pictured) goes unmentioned in Issue #38, perhaps because this time around, parterre box the queer opera zine is stuffed to the gills with some of the edgiest content in its history. After leading off with a completely inaccurate gossip item about Sam Ramey, your doyenne discusses Glimmerglass Opera; Gertie Dammerung travels to Munich and Bayreuth; Dr. Repertoire muses on Marta Eggerth, MTV and Carlo Bergonzi; Leila de Lakmé appreciates Leyla Gencer; and, bestest of all, Opera Snooze! [Download Issue #38]


La Cieca is sort of out of words trying to describe what makes a great performance of the role of Norma, as opposed to the conscientious traversal of the notes that, curiously, seems to inspire such absurdly hyperbolic statements as “The role has been a magnet for many great sopranos—Ponselle, Milanov, Callas, Sutherland, to name a few—and after last night Radvanovksy can add her name to the list.”

Thus your doyenne now graciously offers an audio example of “greatness,” including ferocity of attack, nobility of fraseggio, crisp rhythm and expressive use of the text… following the jump.   Read more »

double dip of donizetti

On tonight’s episode of Unnatural Acts of Opera, we hear the second act of Donizetti’s Belisario. But we won’t hear Leyla Gencer during this act, as her character remains offstage for the duration. However, La Cieca has added an extra act of Donizetti (with la Gencer onstage the whole time!) as bonus.

Hear it after the jump. Read more »