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  • Batty Masetto: A condition that afflicts us teachers of translation every time we correct a round of... 3:46 PM
  • manou: Beautifully translated by Google as: Translation error melancholy. 3:32 PM
  • zinka: httpv://www.youtub e.com/watch?v=bBJe ZVI4gPw You all know that there are so many singers,that... 3:29 PM
  • m. croche: Leading to Ubersetzungsfehler wehmut. 3:25 PM
  • manou: Kial ni kompliki aferojn per la rimedo al Esperanto? 3:06 PM
  • Cicciabella: Or Polaris 2:28 PM
  • Hippolyte: Both? 2:27 PM
  • semira mide: You do such a great job, it was not meant as a rebuke, Thanks for all you do btw! 2:26 PM
  • manou: Madame Bovary goes to Lucia: http://classiclit. about.com/library/ bl-etexts/gflauber t/bl-gflau-mbo... 2:24 PM
  • WindyCityOperaman: The posted excerpt is from Marta Domingo’s “revised version” that ends... 2:14 PM

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Well, you can slash La Cieca’s veins, drink her blood and trample her corpse, because she did not see this one coming! According to the very reliable échotiers over at Forum Opera, Placido Domingo will sing his first Conte di Luna in Vienna Berlin in November of this year opposite the Leonora of Anna Netrebko!