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  • Regina delle fate: He was slated to do his first Tannhäuser at Covent Garden, but pulled out on the grounds... 11:13 AM
  • Lindoro Almaviva: I have to say I absolutely love what i am hearing. she sounds very at home in puccini and... 11:13 AM
  • operaassport: Rock star? Talk about cringe inducing. They seem to have gone overboard on the hyperbole with... 11:13 AM
  • m. croche: Joan Baez isn’t much of a rocker, is she? 11:13 AM
  • m. croche: Wainwright can rock, at least gently. And he has a cult following among the alt-rock set. But his... 11:12 AM
  • operaassport: Hey Thumbs: I’ve got a finger for ya :) 11:09 AM
  • m. croche: L.A. is of course a wonderful composer and performer, and she did have a surprise hit about 30... 11:08 AM
  • operaassport: She underwhelmed as Maria Stuarda? She was amazing. Go get stuffed! 11:07 AM
  • Regina delle fate: Is Manuela Uhl related to Fritz Uhl? His daughter perhaps? 11:03 AM
  • sycorax: “With Tell out of the way, there’s room for another big Rossini in the 2017-2018 repertoire,... 10:58 AM

“Lehman’s Syndrome” bewilders medical establishment

From the Met press office: “Jay Hunter Morris will sing the role of Siegfried in Siegfried on April 21 matinee and April 30, 2012, and in Götterdämmerung on May 3, 2012. He replaces Gary Lehman who has withdrawn due to illness.”