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A Frabjous Day: The Siege of Calais

The turntable set looks much the same from any angle: gutted concrete tenements and perilous alleys, instantly recognizable as a scene of urban guerrilla mayhem. People lived here once. They still do, actually, hidden in the rubble, caring for the wounded, raising children, scavenging food. Indeed, during the overture one of the inhabitants drops from the city wall to raid the camp of the besieging army for bread, and is nearly shot while he’s about it.  Read more »

Tree for the show

The late-mid 1730s were transitional years for Handel, to put it nicely. Read more »

“Confusion now hath made his masterpiece”

""Whose yacht is that?" "The Thane of Cawdor's I expect. It always is.""I have found myself truly bewildered by some of the online reviews of the Glimmerglass production of Verdi’s Macbeth. So here I am, a long time fan of Parterre dipping my toe into the opera-infested waters here for the first time, feeling both excited and trepidacious!   Read more »

“Senza rancor”

The winds of change sweep across the first post-9/11 issue of parterre box, the queer opera zine.

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Busting out

June Anderson will make the transition into the “Anne Revere” segment of her career next summer when she sings the role of Elvira Griffiths in Tobias Picker‘s An American Tragedy at the Glimmerglass Festival.

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Votre toast

Bass-barihunk Keith Miller has just canceled the remainder of his performances of his role debut as Escamillo in Carmen at the Glimmerglass Festival, citing “health reasons.” His first performance was last Saturday. No replacement casting has yet been announced for the remaining 14 performances through August 23. 

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