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  • WeillFan: Five-time Tony Award-winning director/choreogra pher Susan Stroman (“Crazy for You,”... 1:14 PM
  • Milady DeWinter: Danke. 12:57 PM
  • messa di voce: “Need we say more about why the MET is in the red.” Considering that Sybil is... 12:55 PM
  • Roy Wood: A NEW PRODUCTION OF MERRY WIDOW? Need we say more about why the MET is in the red. Wasn’t... 12:39 PM
  • Grane: “…the second WITWE cast, which will include the bel canto Valencienne of Dancin’ Danielle... 12:24 PM
  • La Cieca: Gesundheit. 12:24 PM
  • Milady DeWinter: ‘eschewal of tired musical and vocal belly-laugh knee slaps (never funny in comic... 12:22 PM
  • Milady DeWinter: Indeed Cieca! – the eschewal of tired musical and vocal belly-laugh knee slaps (never... 12:21 PM
  • EarlyRomantic: Role, not tile. 12:17 PM
  • EarlyRomantic: And who said Tosca has to be a svelte? That’s why makeup artists and costume designers... 12:16 PM

Wer nicht mit dem Woolfe heult

Zachary Woolfe (not pictured) makes his way to Bayreuth to try to unravel the Evgeny Nikitin mystery. Though many questions remain unanswered, it’s still a compelling read. (Don’t miss the Christian Thielemann pullquote near the end!) [New York Times]

Symbolic weight

Evgeny Nikitin‘s controversial tattoos have left many people puzzled and given rise to a good deal of speculation. In June 2008, Nikitin wrote an autobiographical essay for the St. Petersburg magazine “Dog” (Sobaka) which sheds further light on the Russian singer’s body art and world-view. I’ve provided a rough translation below and will let readers draw their own conclusions. Read more »