Cher Public

  • steveac10: In contrast, the Minnesota Opera’s 4 performance run of The Shining premiere that opens tomorrow night is completely sold... 8:18 PM
  • steveac10: While savvy (and realistic) pricing schemes could be of great help, the reality is that that a drastic rethinking of the... 8:04 PM
  • aulus agerius: San Diego Opera is targeting right now 50% discount on selected seats for tomorrow night’s opening of Great Scott. I... 7:41 PM
  • DonCarloFanatic: I should make it clear that my young friend could tell how vastly superior Pavarotti was to the current tenor, who shall... 7:41 PM
  • Patrick Mack: Sweet Lord is our suffering never to end? First Trump, now this? Did you know Andrew Lloyd Webber and Stephen Sondheim share... 7:40 PM
  • Operngasse: The LA system is interesting. San Francisco Opera has a system for senior/student/mil itary rush tickets where it announces... 7:37 PM
  • phoenix: Martin Katz and I went to see Mme. Middleton (as Elvira in Verdi’s Ernani) – Katz knew her quite well. Yes, there was... 7:24 PM
  • gustave of montreal: aaaaaaaaah!!! did anyone call the ambulance? 6:59 PM

Small scale

In art, less is more — at least most of the time. But Dicapo Opera’s presentation of The Martyrs is a little more less than ideal. [New York Post]