Cher Public

  • mrsjohnclaggart: Brava, La Cieca! Humoresque one of my favorite movies and the story of my life, also one of Joan’s greatest... 1:47 PM
  • La Cieca: Yeah, an Ettinger/Audi “Tosca” ; is sure to be “Le sacre du primtemps” times a thousand. 1:43 PM
  • springspring: And of course I was talking about Angela. 1:37 PM
  • chicagoing: Watched the Richard Tucker Gala broadcast on PBS Friday evening and was pleased that honoree Jamie Barton not only sang well... 1:29 PM
  • springspring: My remark was addressed to Guiltier. 1:24 PM
  • springspring: After being married with an older man for almost 20ys, you shouldn’t say anything about boy toys. My opinion. 1:20 PM
  • redbear: Found this floating on the internet, allegedly the Paris Opera 16-17 season. I do not vouch for the contents or any spelling... 1:20 PM
  • Operanaut: Last year the announcement was made on Feb. 18, so next week would be my guess. As for the turntable it probably overheated... 1:19 PM

Ha, wie begreifst du schnell und wohl!

Well done all of you for guessing almost all the correct identities of the mysterious Ortruden. The identity of the winner (and of all 13 howling witches) will be revealed after the jump.   Read more »


Presented for your amusement and competitiveness, cher public, yet one more in our series of vocal identification quizzes. Your task: name the Ortruds, all unlucky 13 of them. Read more »

The princess diaries

By special request of Our Own DeCaffarrelli, and courtesy of Mike Richter, here’s a treat: a 1969 performance of La Cenerentola starring the delectable Teresa Berganza. Read more »


Strike a Posa

It’s just a teensy bit late for Verdi’s birthday, but La Cieca thinks you’ll enjoy the latest vocal ID challenge, cher public.

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E d’ogni re maggior il Trubadur!

La Cieca and DeCaffarrelli unanimously hail Trubadur as winner of the “Ladies in the Dark” vocal ID competition.

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Cogito argo sum

The front runner in our devilishly difficult “D’amor sull’ali” quiz is Giasone (pictured), with 22 of 30 singers correctly identified.

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Ladies in the dark

And now, cher public, the vocal identification quiz in excelsis, Leonora’s great Act IV scena from Il trovatore, as sung by 25 sopranos (and five tenors).

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Pietà di me!

Perhaps, you, cher public, will be crying out the above-mentioned phrase when you hear the most recent vocal collage prepared by our dear DeCaffarrelli.

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Pyramid scheme

Giulio Cesare at the Met proved an evening that added up to much more than the sum of its uneven parts.

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In the day of success

“I have learned by the perfectest report they have more in them than mortal knowledge.”

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