Cher Public

  • Lohenfal: I hesitate to jump into this fray, but the text of Schiller’s play would tend to justify La C.’s interpretation.... 8:54 PM
  • davidzalden: I would love to return to Santa Fe — one of the most beautiful spots on earth and a wonderful, magical place for opera!... 8:51 PM
  • laddie: When are you coming back to Santa Fe? We truly need you DZA. 8:09 PM
  • laddie: “Nudity is not in the libretto…But that was the extent of any apologies.” Yes, armerj, an astute observation. 8:06 PM
  • phoenix: I’m sure your site would go on quite well without any of us, but Mme. manou entertains like no one else does – Do I... 7:49 PM
  • Cicciabella: vilbastarda took the words right out of my mouth. 7:48 PM
  • antikitschychick: Batty writes: “I suppose it would be possible for Camille to hand her suitors a used tampon instead of a red... 7:46 PM
  • vilbastarda: I truly appreciate Manousplainings, they are informative and funny, and always kind. I love her play on words. Very much... 7:13 PM

Gettin’ Ligeti Wit It

macabreWhen invited to participate in a discourse on artistic standards (hello, internet!), it’s easy — pleasurable, even — for an aesthete to bray about “the fall.” Where are the true heldentenors? Your kingdom for a Callas! (Or a Stratas, or a Rysanek!) And might the public, at long last, deserve a stable of directors who possess the good sense to avoid both the trope-y familiar as well as the ill-advised pathways of, ugh, the modern? Read more »