Cher Public

Panel stumped

La Cieca admits she was surprised the historically well-informed cher public (pictured) missed the mark so frequently on the “Breadbox” quiz, but, on the other hand, who in his right mind would do some of that casting? Read more »

Reminder: predict the Met’s 2017-2018 casting and win big!

Cher public, take a moment away from your appearances in supper clubs and presentation houses to make your final guesses in the Met Casting for 2017-2018 competition, which closes at 10:00 AM tomorrow (Wednesday), just two hours before Met unveils that season officially.

Cast thy breadbox upon the waters

At approximately this time one week from now, La Cieca hears, the Metropolitan Opera will announce its 2017-2018 season. So what better time for a competition in which you, the cher public (pictured), attempt to predict the future?  Read more »

Ah! Manon, mi tradisce

Our Own Chris Corwin (not pictured) has taken a peek at the current guesses for the “Sola perduta” quiz and notes that fewer than half of the selections offered have been correctly identified.

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La deserta donna

La Cieca hopes the cher public won’t let poor Manon Lescaut get too lonely out there in the bayou or the heath or whatever it is, because you’ll want stay close to listen to our latest Identification Quiz, 15 sopranos in full hysterical wail.  

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Chiamo il mio ben così

Congratulations to  Leitbreite, whose cunning ears identified all but one of the singers in last week’s “Orpheus” quiz.

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Orphic mysteries

Your task this week: Name That Orpheus!

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Moor than expected

La Cieca guesses we will have to make these quizzes more challenging.

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Before sunset

In honor of the upcoming Met Opening Night, here’s a singer identification quiz featuring, for a change, music for a tenor: the climactic phrase from Otello’s third act monologue.

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Des Goldes Schmuck schmähte er nicht…

The clear winner of the “Dinner for Schmuck” competition is DharmaBray‘s succulent menu.

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