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Indeed a great chance to be a canard

“Verdi revered Shakespeare and would turn over in his grave.” [The Opera Critic] Read more »

The opposite of canard is truth

“Is Parsifal, then, a religious artwork, or is it a work ‘about’ religion? Unsurprisingly, the answer turns out to be: both. More profoundly, however, the very material of Wagner’s drama may be understood to lie in exploring the relationship between the two tendencies.” This week, an anti-canard: words of wisdom from the always fascinating Boulezian.

The canards begin at Calais

Nicholas Hytner‘s ENO production of Xerxes, unveiled on the 300th anniversary of Handel’s birth and packed with visual conceits, might be seen as marking the beginning of the modern Handel renaissance on stage.” Where else but Opera magazine (“The Regietheater Issue”)?

Les trois canards

“It’s often said that Verdi wrote [Violetta’s] music with three different voices in mind: a light, leggero soprano for the first act, a lyric voice for the second and a dramatic for the third.”

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Canard en retard

Please forgive the lateness of this week’s howler, which in any event is something more of a squeaker anyway.

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Canard als Gast

This week’s canard is contributed in by the artistic director of Gotham Chamber Opera, Neal Goren.

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Ceci n’est pas un canard

“Perfection and beauty are identical.”

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Ugly and small

“Modern opera studiously avoids anything so old-fashioned as melody or emotion, which seems to me a contradiction of what music is all about.”

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Deductible canard

This week’s canard is inspired by recent sad news here in New York, and it goes something like this…

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Definitive canard

[Opera is] “an exotic and irrational entertainment.”

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