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  • Milady DeWinter: Oh! The son! Oy! His blog about the underbelly of Hollywood life while working as a cab driver are very sad, for him, for... 1:59 PM
  • Camille: The Popplet *Daphne* is so beautifully sung, usw. 1:55 PM
  • Camille: Just finished it Buster, and you were so wise to recommend this one as the Popplet is so beautifully sung — the only... 1:54 PM
  • Cocky Kurwenal: She sang Olympia in 1955, but it doesn’t feel accurate to say it launched her in the coloratura Fach. It was more of... 1:53 PM
  • Will: I always liked Ms Reese and was delighted when I heard her singing “MusettaR 21; over the radio. When I informed my school... 1:52 PM
  • Buster: Could it be you have the performance from a week later, February 26th? That has the same cast you liust above, and was issued on... 1:46 PM
  • Camille: Oh hello Milady—YES, the poor lady suffered a terrible downfall, of which I read online a biographical sketch by her son and it... 1:43 PM
  • Camille: Honey, thank you so much but I don’t Spotify——the only spots I know are on my guilt-ridden hands as in “Out, damn... 1:27 PM

How cher the public

You know, the commenters at (pictured) may get a bit testy from time to time, but at least nobody here says stuff like, oh, for example, It is time that Mr. Levine and Mr. Gelb take leave and put the Met in the hand of managers who understand and treausre the traditional opera offerings and stop experimenting with off beat gay oriented trash productions better suited for small expermental venues.”  []

Blood and Sandow

Friend and friend-in-law of parterre box Greg Sandow pours the oil of calm and rational analysis upon the troubled waters of the Met’s current labor negotiations (Oh heav’ns, can I make it out of this metaphor alive?) in the most recent installment of his always excellent (not to mention eponymous) blog.

Loo! Here the Gentle Lark

“First night is three weeks away which suggests the theatre is ready. It isn’t. But it is no less ready than it ever is; I just don’t ever stop being anxious about it. Carpets are down (yes, carpets) and a biblical scale clean is about to ensue. These are the things that occupy me. Toilets, too. Toilets occupy me a great deal because, well, this is England after all and they matter.” [Opera diaries]

La Boheme

Spring will be a little late this year

La bohème  is such a popular romantic opera that hardly anyone ever notices that Mimì and Rodolfo undergo what in modern terms would be called speed dating.

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Blessings counted

On the rare occasions when La Cieca has an issue with a commenter or commenters on this site, she has only to remind herself that things could be a whole lot worse.

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The opposite of canard is truth

“Is Parsifal, then, a religious artwork, or is it a work ‘about’ religion?”

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Don’t be defeatist, dear

“After attending the dress rehearsal in London I wrote the following to Mr Carsen to give him the opportunity to make changes.”

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Equal temperament

On the occasion of “the greatest party for Classical Music on the planet,” the Last Night of the Proms, mezzo Joyce DiDonato quietly (but audibly) takes a stand for equality.

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Opera Teen (pictured, second from left) is not kidding us: he had an interview with Peter Gelb.

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“Taking the libretto’s description of ‘panther-like’ literally, Bacchus appears in a shiny leopard-print suit…”

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