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  • WindyCityOperaman: There was a proposed musical by Maury Yeston, also supposed to star Placi. A concept... 10:09 AM
  • Hippolyte: Barenboim conducting Gluck’s Orfeo with Mehta — gross! 10:01 AM
  • Ilka Saro: Weren’t there a couple of different operas on Goya that came out at roughly the same time... 9:48 AM
  • manou: Thank you – I am very fond of this Bohème. 9:38 AM
  • manou: Yes – but we shall miss the fun of Google Translate. Apologies for writing in French or Italian... 9:34 AM
  • Fluffy-net: Here’s the link in case some have not seen it: http://www.staatso per-berlin.de/d... 9:26 AM
  • LT: Roschmann was off the radar for years it seems and now she’s getting high-profile gigs again.... 9:23 AM
  • scifisci: Very jealous you’re getting to see this! With a role like elektra one never knows how long a... 9:13 AM
  • La Cieca: No, I think it is a natural reation if a comment is in German to respond in German. The problem is... 8:56 AM
  • Chanterelle: Wise policy. I see it the 18th. 8:45 AM

Fire and Ice

“Don’t listen to a Romanian man who says he prefers a ‘natural’ woman,” says Gheorghiu. “He might think he likes a woman without any makeup, but what does he know? With a little mascara and red lipstick, trust me, he will like you even more!” [More Magazine]