Cher Public

  • The Poet Lenski: Does Lindstrom sing anything other than Turandot? 3:53 PM
  • moi: Listening to Turandot live from Vienna State Opera… Lise Lindström is singing the title role. Went to check her page and her... 3:40 PM
  • almavivante: If you don’t like the word “negativity, ” try “unforgiving .” 3:26 PM
  • Camille: No, not negativity. Just the unfortunate truth from my vantage point, and YASSS! I did enjoy making acquaintance with the music... 3:18 PM
  • Camille: Yes, am chiefly aware of her via her “Tragédienne s” series albums which, by in large, I liked. She has very many... 2:59 PM
  • almavivante: Gran dio, almost nothing but negativity in the comments above about Parisina. Really, there was more there to enjoy than only... 2:58 PM
  • Camille: Oh yes. Didn’t Dorothea Röschmann sing that Plaint in the concert at Carnegie here last spring? I seem to remember... 2:49 PM
  • Hippolyte: Yes, of course, Dido’s Lament is wonderful, very famous and oft-recorded but I can’t help but prefer “The... 2:41 PM

Jumpin’ Jehovah!

In between gazing at tonight’s Super Blood Moon, cher public, you are invited to post your favorite moon-related YouTube videos in the comments section below.   Read more »

Opera queen

Now that cold war thriller The Manchurian Candidate is on track to become an opera, La Cieca naturally will turn to you, the cher public, for production advice for the upcoming opus. Read more »