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  • PCally: It’s quite possible she’ll be a fine teacher and it’s also quite possible she’ll be happy doing just that.... 5:29 PM
  • perfidia: It looks like she enjoys teaching. She could be very good at it. She always came across as warm and communicative. And she... 5:24 PM
  • oscar: Voigt is still listed as singing the Wesendonck lieder next spring in San Francisco with the Symphony. That would have been... 5:00 PM
  • rapt: Sad for her fans, perhaps; but do we know that it’s sad for her? 4:42 PM
  • PCally: Sad the way this woman’s career has turned out. 4:33 PM
  • perfidia: Florez is being a bit more than shady in that comment, but I think he is right. Camarena is a decent Rossini tenor, but he seems... 3:23 PM
  • moi: The only performance ever , for which I just could not manage to get a ticket was a Lindenstrand Carmen in Stockholm in the... 2:40 PM
  • Jungfer Marianne Leitmetzerin: President Obama just decreed the Stonewall Inn a national monument! 1:00 PM

The other gospel of the other Mary, Mary

San Francisco Opera’s marketing leaves La Cieca at least momentarily speechless, so she’ll have to rely on you, cher public, to take up the slack with discussion of off-topic and general interest subjects.

Chest the ticket

“Nathan Gunn Replaces Deborah Voigt” [TheaterJones] (Photo: Ken Howard)

Irony defined, or something

“Suddenly this quaint Depression-era protest song… delivered in a tone of controlled anger became like a devastating critique of today‚Äôs winner-take-all economic climate. Mr. Gunn made you feel the outrage of veterans who fought not only in World War I but in Iraq and Afghanistan, returning from overseas to cold shoulders and empty food pantries.” [New York Times]

NATHAN GUNN WITH JULIE GUNN, MUSICAL DIRECTOR…. Fri. & Sat.: General seating, $85 per person; VIP seating, $135 per person; Bar seating, $50 per person. [Cafe Carlyle]