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  • oedipe: Take a look at u-tube compilations sung by great tenors of the past. Whenever they include Georges... 11:53 AM
  • Camille: httpv://youtube.co m/watch?v=1_FKmgCs P7g 11:50 AM
  • CerquettiFarrell: Here he’s obviously the same character. Lovely way of showing the guilt complex... 11:31 AM
  • Cocky Kurwenal: Having the same singer for Marchese / Padre is fairly common, isn’t it? 11:29 AM
  • Krunoslav: I think you will find that any one who listens to historical vocal records in America knows who... 11:28 AM
  • CerquettiFarrell: Just got around to see this production. WOW. Finally somebody made believable theatre out... 11:24 AM
  • Bill: ML – I responded to your query about Studer and Fierrabras on the other thread. The 1988 Theater... 11:18 AM
  • Cocky Kurwenal: I’ve only read about half of it so far, but it’s the fact that I think without... 11:00 AM
  • Bill: ML – The first performances of Fierrabras under Abbado were part of the Wiener Festwochen and... 11:00 AM
  • kashania: Fair enough. As I said, I do think highly of her Juliette and this Mimi is lovely. It’s just... 10:53 AM

The Wurm turns

The Met’s controversial Ring cycle, directed by Robert Lepage (not pictured) and conducted by TBA (possibly pictured) makes its home video debut on September 11, and La Cieca is not even going to go there. For those interested in these things, the box sets on Blu-ray and DVD are now available for pre-order through Amazon.com at a 10% discount.  (Photo: Ken Howard)

Uncle Smania

Scoring the Fire and Music contest was tricky, cher public, as the selections were both quite brief and relatively obscure. La Cieca has had occasion to speak quite firmly to DeCaffarrelli about the difficulty of this quiz, and naturally she was told to mind her own business. So, on to said business, which is naming the winner of the coveted Amazon.com Gift CardRead more »

Nun der Quiz mich müd gemacht

After a brilliantly collaborative start, the cher public fell just short of deciphering the complete Beim Schlafengehen quiz, though several of you did very well indeed. The results after the jump. Read more »


A disc fit for the gods

As we lurch into the month of July, La Cieca (not pictured, one hopes) wants quietly but firmly to draw the attention of her cher public to some of the more interesting releases on audio and video newly available on Amazon.com.

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Viva, viva il nostro Alcide!

Congratulations to Cesare 15 (pictured, right) who came, saw and—after a false start or two—conquered in the very challenging “Piangerò” quiz devised by Our Own DeCaffarrelli!

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Czech mate

At first glance, Ivor Bolton, Chief Conductor of the Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg, would seem an odd choice to lead Jenufa, Janacek’s grim tale of infanticide and oppressive village morality.

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Hier bleibt Elektra

The Met has finally released the contents of the James Levine 40th Anniversary box sets separately for those of us who didn’t have $500 lying around.

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Hats off!

The stunning New Broadway Cast Recording of Sondheim’s Follies is currently on sale on Amazon for an astonishing $4.99.

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Stop! Or My Mom Will Swim

More innovative casting from amazon.com.

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Atys for two

For those of you not fortunate or not conscientious enough to attend Atys at BAM this week, there’s a video document of the production (taped earlier this year) following the jump.

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