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  • "Let’s bet, when she has to get off. Hopefully not, but it is far too much." - Lohengrin
  • "I’d be happy to, but after Bayreuth I head to Salzburg,..." - Jungfer Marianne Leitmetzerin
  • "U: Judge for yourself. Here is Kampe’s schedule: 25. Juli..." - Jungfer Marianne Leitmetzerin
  • "JML, please report back from Bayreuth, about the Tristan especially. I was..." - PCally
  • "First, drop the ad hominems. This is not a playground. Second, you are perfectly..." - m. croche
  • "Do you think that the T&I on August, 13th will be already too late? U" - umangialaio
  • "Do you thhing that the T&I on August, 13th will be alreadt too late? U" - umangialaio
  • "An hour after the police were there." - redbear

Even smiling makes my face ache

Call it brio, joie de vivre, zest, élan vital, perhaps Lebenslust. You might even call it “fun.” But no matter what you call it, that’s not the mood Renée Fleming was in when she dropped in for lunch with Muse at Bloomberg.

So what’s the deal with the Dew Fairy?

And so in fact Renée Fleming, celebrated soprano, musical ambassador and riffmeister (known among the cognoscenti as “La Esilarante”) has followed through with her announced plan to collaborate with Chicago’s celebrated Second City comedy troupe, all in the name of opera reach-around, uh, outreach. Read more »