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Life is a lot like jazz

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The upper depths

perles-amazonPity poor Georges Bizet. After winning the Prix de Rome at 19 years old he worked on, in part or completed, 10 operas. The last of them, Carmen, he was convinced was a failure. He succumbed to a heart attack three months after its premiere at 37. His widow, having no concept of the musical legacy she had inherited, gave away or lost many of her husband’s autographed manuscripts.

But what of those other efforts of Bizet? Other than La jolie fille de Perth, which is almost akin to spotting a unicorn, only his Les pêcheurs de perles has managed to be fished from the sea of obscurity and plated on the rare occasion. The Met made a big deal about presenting it for the first time in a hundred years recently but failed to mention that 1916 only saw three performances with the renowned Caruso, Giuseppe de Luca and Frieda Hempel.  Read more »

To tempt, and to be tempted, are things very nearly allied

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Forever female

Happy birthday drag virtuosa Vicky Boofont.

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Geh such dir die Stars vom vergangenen Jahr!

Tristan has been the season-launching opera three times before now, but good luck finding someone to provide a firsthand account of the last time.

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Learn to be lonely

On this day in 1982 the Larry Grossman / Betty Comden / Adolph Green musical A Doll’s Life opened on Broadway, to close after five performances.

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“Something great in itself”

Now we have considered the three “winners” in the Tristan competition, let’s turn to the also-rans, or, to be more optimistic, the runners up.

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Days of futures past

Happy birthday librarian, crossword crafter and opera maven Brad Wilber.

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Heck, I’d even play the maid to be in a Schauspiel

Elektra. Staatsoper in Schiller Theater. 23 October 2016. . . . DIE VERTRAUTE/DIE AUFSEHERIN Cheryl Studer

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Wunderbare Träume

Patrice Chéreau, the humanist in provocateur’s clothing, returned to Wagner in 2007 at La Scala with Daniel Barenboim and Waltraud Meier.

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