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Harry Rose

We love you, Ms. Hannigan

Last week, Joni Mitchell celebrated her 74th birthday amidst a surprising amount of media coverage for a “milestone” so arbitrary. Could Barbara Hannigan be Mitchell’s classical counterpart?  Read more »

Girl power

In an alternate universe, Hillary Clinton, about a year past her election to the Presidency, made her way from the White House to the Kennedy Center on a balmy November eve, sat down next to the second and fourth women appointed to the Supreme Court (Justices Ginsburg and Kagan, notably in attendance), watched an illuminating production of an opera that openly confronts female sexuality, power, and militarism in a performance featuring a predominately female cast, much of which was trained in the American conservatory system, that was both directed and conducted by women at the top of their fields and overseen by the most powerful woman in opera in the United States.  Read more »

White people problems

“Pack up the luggage, la la la. / Unpack the luggage, la la la. / Spot-clean this tea gown, la la la.”

At the end of Act I of A Little Night Music, as the sharp-tongued members of the Armfeldt, Malcolm, and Egerman families forego makeup, don white and troop off to Madame Armfeldt’s country estate, one has to wonder: with all the mudslinging, how on Earth will these fictitious luminaries of turn-of-the-century Swedish society keep their clothes clean?  Read more »

I see flags, I hear bells, There's a parade in Memphis. Photo: Scott Suchman

Celeste graffiti

Aida certainly has its longueurs.

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Conspicuous consumption

On Thursday evening, the Teatro alla Scala audience didn’t watch the familiar presentation of a “wayward woman” who overcomes moral inferiority only to be robbed of happiness when she finally deserved it.

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Written on the wind

Greetings from the Windy City, where I, Opera Teen (not pictured) am at the press conference eagerly awaiting the announcement of Lyric Opera of Chicago’s 2016-2017 season!

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Katerina’s insomnia

Throw in a trio of murders and a healthy splash of vodka and you have, more or less, the plot of Shostakovich’s Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk.

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Dwarf star

Verdi’s Macbeth poses a challenge to any company with the audacity to mount it.

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All Sills final

You can tell a lot about someone from their garage sale.

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First steps

There’s something charming and almost irresistible about early Verdi opera. I always equate it to seeing a grade school test from Albert Einstein.

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