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Blut force

goltzThis week I get to fulfill a promise made some time ago to fans of Elektra, both of my generation and the younger Parterriani: the very first Vienna post-war performance of the opera.  The one-time-only cast for the opening of the new production in the first season in the restored Haus auf dem Ring on 8 April 1956 featured three dynamos: Christel Goltz, Margarete Klose, and Hilde Zadek.  On the podium was Karl BöhmRead more »

Theory of revolution

kaufmann-chenierSome of the best news of the year to date came last week when Jonas Kaufmann announced that he feels ready to return to the stage after calling in sick since last autumn: he will head to Paris for Lohengrin next week (meanwhile dropping out of the opening of the new concert hall in Hamburg).  Since his Swan Knight has been posted at Mixcloud for some time, we’ll dedicate our wishes for his continuing good health with a 2015 London performance of Andrea Chénier with Eva-Maria Westbroek and Zeljko Lucic.  Read more »

Conspicuous consumption

sills-traviataEven though New Year’s has passed, let’s keep the bubbles flowing with a classic 1974 New York City Opera La traviata with Beverly Sills, John Stewart, and Dominic Cossa conducted by Julius Rudel.  Read more »


Come to the unstable

Let’s celebrate the coming of 2017 with a peek at Elsa Lanchester’s cabaret act consisting of bawdy Cockney songs.

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Himself when young

This week features Roger Norrington leading a December 2006 performance of Berlioz/ Enfance du Christ  from Berlin

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Will you tell me what it’s all for?

“Good God—an adult musical!”

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Next to Norma

Anita Cerquetti had one of the most remarkable, most brief careers in opera in the past century.

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Solid gold

This week’s opera is Die Liebe der Danae.

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Susanna in Forth Worth”

I offer a bit of operatic turkey, P.D.Q. Bach’s half-act opera The Stoned Guest, as an aural amuse-bouche. 

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Leonie Rysanek

Leonie on the Nile

Leonie Rysanek, would have turned 90 today.

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