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Adam Moscoe

Adam Moscoe AKA florezrocks is based in Ottawa, where he is an active member of the performing arts community. His life-long passion for musical theatre extended to opera and classical music in his later teen years. He performs a wide range of vocal music with the Ewashko Singers, frequently appearing with the National Arts Centre Orchestra.

All mysteries

“And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith… I am nothing.” Angela Denoke—the German soprano famous for her portrayals of oddball characters like Emilia Marty, Kundry, and Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk—is an instinctive performer who legitimately deserves the “singer-actress’ epithet. Thursday’s recital at Opera Bastille’s Amphitheatre—which centred around Brahms’ Vier ernste Gesänge (Four Serious Songs), the fourth of which contains the above quotation from Corinthiansdemonstrated that Ms. Denoke is capable of maintaining dramatic presence and commitment beyond the opera stage and into the more intimate world of Lieder.   Read more »

Golden apple

Paris can be a lot to handle, but this week it was a lot to Handel.   Read more »

No place like Rome

“There it is! The Castel Sant’ Angelo,” I told my Canadian and Norwegian friends as we darted past, desperately trying to find a midnight bus in Rome. “Built in 123 AD! This is where Tosca leaps to her death after her lover Cavaradossi is ‘unexpectedly’ executed! But first she wails, ‘O Scarpia, avanti a Dio!’ (O Scarpia, we meet before God!)”   Read more »

Fox and friends

Cecilia Bartoli, the revered, ebullient, and unique mezzo-soprano, does not like to fly in airplanes. Yet she managed to journey to St. Petersburg, Russia.

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Ottoman and woman

“With radiant looks, we shall depart this world,” sing Konstanze and Belmonte near the end of Mozart’s exotic yet charming opera Singspiel Die Entführung aus dem Serail.

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Bach to Bach

Three nights, three concert halls, and three incredibly diverse programmes.

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Readers of this site are typically up to speed on emerging vocal talents, so clearly there is no need for me to write a review of Chilean-German soprano Carolina Ullrich’s riveting recital at the Paris Opera?

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The lady’s a star

I just arrived back from Stella di Napoli’s.

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Three nights in Paris

“Oh to be young and going to Paris for the first time,” exclaimed an elderly gentleman who donned his best sweatervest for a concert at the Ottawa International Chamber Music Festival this past August.

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Chantons sous la pluie

Walking away from Theatre Châtelet this afternoon, I felt as though my relationship with France and its notoriously perplexing people and culture had at long last reached some degree of depth.

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