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“If it can’t fit into a suitcase, you don’t really need it”

Happy 49th birthday mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato.

Photo (c) ROH Bill Cooper.

  • Nelly della Vittoria
  • ER

    WOW, this surprises me. I didn’t know she was almost 50. She looks and sounds much younger.

    • Armerjacquino

      She started relatively late- pushing 30 by the time she made her full debut, 36 when she first sang at the Met.

    • southerndoc1

      I’m sick and tired of singers that I think of as up-and-coming new stars turning out to be in the later stages of their careers.

      • ER

        DiDonato could hardly be classified as in late career though. Late Prime, perhaps?

      • I know exactly what you mean…

  • ER

    Also, off-topic, but anyone else going to Parsifal tonight? Would love to say hello in person so some of you.

    • G.R. Downtown

      I was there Saturday night and it ranks in the top 5 (perhaps the best) of all performances I have ever seen over the last 30 years. In Act 2 it looked like one of the flower maidens passed out or fell into the pool of blood and a stage hand had to come on stage and carry her off. I have not seen anything about this in the press.

      • ER

        Glad to see you liked it. The exact thing with a flower maiden occurred when I saw it in the original run (2013).

        Where were you sitting? I’m debating whether I should upgrade my (family circle) seat.

        • G.R. Downtown

          Orchestra Row W center section center of the row (the row before/at the overhang). I could see Yannick the whole time.

        • Ivy Lin

          ER let us know what you think after you get home. Which I know will be after midnight.
          I have heard that FC or Balcony is a better place to see the Flower Maiden choreography. I’ve only seen this from the orchestra.
          Here’s what I thought on Saturday:

          • ER

            Hey Ivy, thanks. Loved your review and concur with just about everything. Pape and Mattei were out of this world spectacular, and Vogt sang very well too though without the weight to the voice one would ideally want.

            Herlitzius’ Kundry was vocally shrill from start to finish. But having said that, hers was among the most riveting portrayals I’ve seen on the MET stage. I think Kundry is the most fascinating Wagner character.

            All said and done, a magical evening. It went quicker than expected too.

            • Kenneth Conway

              Yes, for me, too, Kundry is almost certainly the most interesting character in all of Wagner, but Hertlizius is a question mark I cannot answer, perhaps because I “grew up” on the seductive gorgeousness of Yvonne Minton’s characterization/voice on the Armin Jordan recording.

            • ER I think YNS has been speeding up the Parsifals. I recorded opening night and opening night ran a staggering 6 hours long. The night I went we got out at 12:40 and this included an extra-long intermission because a Flower Maiden fell and had to be carried offstage by a crew member and checked on by a doctor.

            • ER

              That sounds about right. We ended about 1145 (started 6 pm). No one fainted yesterday thankfully but one of the maidens did the night I saw it in the previous run in 2013. Fear of blood?

              Talking of flower maidens, that was the only scene I found sub par. Maybe it was where I was sitting but it didn’t sound ethereal and the voices didn’t blend well.

              I’ve heard four Kundrys live now (Urmana, Meier, Dalayman, and Herlitzius) and Herlitzius’ was simultaneously the best and worst of them.

      • Kenneth Conway

        100% concur that this production (both runs) of Parisfal is one of the greatest evenings/afternoons I have ever spent at The Met.

  • Larry Rudiger

    I adore, adore her. Have seen her ::thinking:: twice @ the Met. But what I just noticed (how can you miss it?) in Tanti Affetti, is that her t’s are, well, wrong. American. Tongue’s in the wrong spot. I mean, I’m not making this up, am I?

  • Luvtennis

    She looks like Nelly Miricioiu in that picture.