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Ancien Regie

Happy 95th birthday director and designer Franco Zeffirelli

  • Dan Patterson

    Congratulations and best wishes to him. He has given the world a lot of beauty and art and solid entertainment. And a few delicious misfires, too! God bless him!

    • ER

      Well said. His Turandot and Boheme still light up our lives every season or two.

    • Armerjacquino

      …fingers…. twitching… must…not…reply….

  • WindyCityOperaman

    As for his films, what happened to the feature about Toscanini? I knew it was critically damned and more or less disappeared from the face of the earth. Zef’s autobio outlines a lot of things, such as the interesting original casting choices for R&J and the rough cut of Endless Love being over 3 hours long.