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Don’t bother me, I can’t Copley

So it turns out the spin from all of Good Old Uncle John’s chums may not be quite accurate after all. [New York Times]


    AND…thank you. I knew the first story was all baloney. The ‘Uncle John’ thing especially gives me the creeps. Plus the original nonsense about the chorister ‘not understanding English’. Whaaaa…? Whether they acted too harshly or not that production didn’t need a director anyhow. Done!

  • Camille

    UGH! Ugly & Fugly.

    Not at all the story foisted upon the public at first instance.

    What to believe anymore? If there was indeed another chorus member who witnessed this encounter and will attest to the facts — there is at least that much. Usually these things happen in such a kind of limbo where it ends up as a ‘he said she said’ or in this case, ‘he said and then he said’, that it is difficult to impossible to know the truth. It’s all so sad.

    Who will now direct the Semiramide production? It’s getting rather late in the day to change over.

  • This morning’s Times on line gives this radically different account of the incident:

    It all began on Jan. 26, when John Copley, 84, a distinguished opera
    director, addressed a member of the Met’s chorus during a rehearsal of
    Rossini’s “Semiramide.” Mr. Copley was accused of telling the chorister:
    “I’m thinking of you in my bed with your clothes off,” the Met said in a
    statement. The Met said that the chorus member was left feeling
    “extremely ill at ease due to this sexually demeaning remark,” and that
    he “requested to leave the evening performance of ‘Il Trovatore’ in
    which he was performing because he felt upset and distressed.”

  • Brackweaver

    I’ve been wondering who is taking over? The original production was fairly static. A new director might pep it up a tad.

  • z. barf

    …flirting with the wrong person at the wrong time. He could have went to a bar instead, or just used an app.

  • chicagoing

    I rented MAKING OPERA: The Creation of Verdi’s La Forza del Destino on DVD and started watching it right after the Super Bowl. Fascinating to me, an outsider, to have a behind the scenes look at how an opera is staged and probably a bonus that it’s subject is an opera that I have not yet experienced. I did not realize until I began viewing this DVD that this Canadian Opera Company production from 2005 was directed by John Copley who is prominently featured, giving it added relevance. Recommended.