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Broadcast: Tosca

Living for art begins this afternoon at 1:00 PM. (Photo: Ken Howard)

  • trevor

    Nice orchestral ending there! Good buildup of suspense.

    • rapt

      The pause before the applause began was a good sign.

      • trevor

        Right? Hardly ever happens.

  • trevor

    Grigolo quoting Einstein?

  • Willym

    Dear god they are making me nervous with this unintelligible chatter.

  • Walraud Riegler

    What crying was that?

  • operajunky

    Good grief….Grigolo is really drawing everything out.

  • Peter

    They both sound like they’re stretched to their limits.

    • Walraud Riegler

      Totally right. They try to “survive”………

      • Peter

        And her vibrato is widening as if she has been singing a lot longer than she has.

    • Rowna Sutin

      In the house they didn’t sound stretched at all. They sounded plain GREAT.

  • Rowna Sutin

    Going to post a video -- maybe tomorrow. I was in the house. Very different from the broadcast I heard opening night via Sirius. Yonceheva was GREAT imho. She had lots of temperament and sang like a fearless person. Grigolo also fabulous. His voice fills the house wonderfully. I still can’t figure out why LUcic is the go to baritone. Not my cup of tea. But then again I don’t run the Met. Look for my blog post soon, y’all.

  • Juicy Bjoerling

    i was there last week (jan. 18). the conductor was morell (spelling?), who was quite good, i thought. there was applause for grigolo’s entrance, i don’t recall the same for yoncheva. very tepid applause for “recondita armonia.” at the end of act II, the audience seemed quite stunned, no applause at all until after a pause after the last note ended (this almost never happens). at the end of act III, the audience again seemed to be quite caught up in the drama, and they started vociferously clapping a few seconds after tosca’s leap, not waiting for the music to end. during curtain calls, grigolo had to leap downstage to pick up a misplaced bouquet for yoncheva. his antics during the bows were cute for about 1 minute, and tiresome afterwards. he might need a tranquilizer.

    overall, my impression was that both yoncheva and grigolo were a bit too light for this. yoncheva at least was working very hard, and was quite lovely and effective at times. (she was also the best thing in that really boring otello a couple of seasons ago.) i’d just want a bit more passion and histrionics from her sometimes. in act II, before the murder, not enough desperation from her. but her loud outbursts in act II really surprised and shocked me. i think if she continues to work on this role, she’ll be quite something. grigolo’s voice is just too light for this, i’d want a more heroic sound, a heavier instrument in general. no squillo either.

    lucic was a total joke. how is it he cannot be heard in act II during the loudest orchestral outbursts but yoncheva can? he was a total zero in the “te deum” as well. i cannot imagine that the met thinks he’s ok in this, just as disappointing as his di luna, iago and jokaanan.

  • La Cieca

    Nothing says “Metropolitan Opera forging ahead in new and exciting directions” more clearly than having Ken Benson on the Opera Quiz.

    • NineDragonSpot

      This was during the broadcast of Puccini’s “Tosca”, right?

    • ER

      True, but they had Jennifer Rowley to balance old and new. Ken Benson is a sweetheart though.

    • Ivy Lin

      They also had a college student on the panel.