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Broadcast: Il trovatore

The Met’s season premiere of Verdi’s melodrama begins at 7:25 PM. (Photo: Karen Almond/Metropolitan Opera)

  • Batty Masetto

    Night all

  • cielo e mar

    G’night all.

  • grimoaldo2

    Yes fun chat as always, thanks and night night

  • Yige Li

    “The music director designate”… Am I the only feeling it weird to include name of the music director “designate” in announcement (and printed program)?

  • ER

    Just came back from Trovatore (nice to see so many of you there).
    All in all a very thrilling performance-- not necessarily perfect but anything but routine. This is what opera is all about. Biggest honors, by far, go to Anita Rachvelishvilli’s Azucena. Wow. She has it all. Thrilling bottom to top, plus she makes Azucena incredibly human and sympathetic without sacrificing the big wattage moments. This is a major artiste, no question.

    Quinn, who didn’t impress nearly as much in Hansel and Gretel here was a powerhouse. Big, secure singing from beginning to end, although at times I did miss the caress of the late Dmtiri H in this music. The tenor was (contrary to some comments below) I think better than he was in the role a few years ago. The voice may not be super-interesting, and can sound tight, but it rings out very clearly in the house.

    Rowley was the most equivocal of the cast, but she too was very good and, given that she entered so late in the process, will likely improve. The voice is beautiful but not particularly distinctive, and can turn tinny at times. She has breath control for days, which serves this role well, but doesn’t yet have a true sense of the grand Verdian line. I think that Cyrano and Tosca were better fits, and that the Leonora needs a bit more cooking for prime time.

    All in all a really exciting evening. So glad I went.