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Heather on the ‘shrill’

Le duc d’Orléans, le duc d’Ayen, Duc de Coigny, la comtesse d’Estrades, La duchesse de Brancas…

Opera originalist Heather MacDonald is at it again, lavishing praise on the artistic conservatism of noted Tory David McVicar and describing Our Own JJ as “New York’s shrillest advocate for revisionist opera productions.” Oh, there’s lots more to enjoy! [City Journal]

  • Armerjacquino

    I’d be very surprised if McVicar were a Tory. Glaswegians… tend not to be.

    • La Cieca
      • Armerjacquino

        Oh man.

        I’m VERY tired.

  • Nelly della Vittoria

    O Cieca, I suspect this means that you can advocate for the arts all the way up to a thrilling F# in alt and are holding out on us!

  • manou

    It is amazing that someone who can write such long winded, turgid and leaden prose* is also unable to spell “Marengo”. She should at least know of the chicken dish…

    * Specimen: ” Scarpia…his libido as tightly wound as his brocaded black vest and jackets.”

  • One is not surprised when conservative audience members mistake beautiful sets for direction. But it is in-excusable for a paid critic to make that mistake.

  • Brackweaver

    ‘Shrill’ is a Fox News worthy code word.