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Punch drunk

Breaking: Pasolini estate to sue Rupert Christiansen for libel.

  • Christian Ocier

    That executioner photo--isn’t that from an ROH production of Salome with Nadja Michael? Who was the director for this again?

      • Christian Ocier

        Wow, McVicar used to be…not vanilla?

        • fletcher

          It’s been pointed out before that DMV is only particularly vanilla in New York.

          • La Cieca

            Which is the only place he works these days.

            • fletcher

              Fair enough. Was that Chicago Wozzeck from a couple years back meant to travel anywhere?

            • Armerjacquino

              I don’t think La Cieca was being entirely serious. He’s got new productions opening in Vienna and Madrid in the next couple of months.

            • La Cieca

              “New” is such a subjective term.

            • McVicar or no McVicar I’d love to be able to get down to Madrid for Gloriana.

          • Hoffmann

            He is even more snooze worthy in Australia… The most boring Nozze di Figaro ever conceived… Unfunny and dull…

    • The Dybbuk

      Zeffirelli figlio.

  • Armerjacquino

    The final paragraph is either disingenuous or ignorant. The reason Covent Garden isn’t filling the house is the cost of tickets. The amphi and slips are still selling well.

    • CKurwenal

      Let’s be kind and go for ignorant -- he probably hasn’t bought a ticket in 30+ years. Salome and Elektra are odd fish though, as far as the ROH audience is concerned -- there are always lots of empty seats, despite these works being at lower price points in previous seasons than Traviata and Boheme. I practically had a row to myself at Goerke’s Elektra and NM’s Salome.

      • David Prosser

        I managed to see Goerke’s Elektra twice through deals they offered on twitter. Both stalls -- first time £60 and second a remarkable £25. I haven’t seen deals like that since