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Born on this day in 1917 opera director Wieland Wagner

  • southerndoc1

    Wieland’s blue skies -- Andrew Porter said it felt like you could cut out a block of it and take it home with you (or words to that effect).

  • Christian Ocier

    Nike Wagner’s new photography compilation of her father’s work is a necessary addition to any Wagner lover’s library.

  • Camille

    As Alex Ross has stated, and assuming this proceeds from a well-researched set of facts:

    Back in 1934, Hitler had persuaded Winifred Wagner to hire Alfred Roller to design a new Parsifal, along the lines of the moody, semi-abstract Tristan that he had so admired in Vienna. The Bayreuth old guard rebelled against Roller’s shadowy setting, calling it “an orgy from hell.” The author Joachim Köhler has argued that Roller’s conception of the Grail temple influenced some of the more grandiose spectacles of Nazi culture—for example, the “dome of light” at the Party rallies of the thirties and the “great dome” that was to have risen at the center of Albert Speer’s Berlin. Six years after Hitler’s death, Wieland Wagner unveiled a minimally furnished, poetically abstract version of Parsifal, which critics at the time hailed as a renunciation of the “Nazi” Bayreuth. One wonders how far it really was from Hitler’s dream vision of the opera.

    pp. 329-330, The Rest is Noise
    Chapter 9. Death Fugue:
    Music in Hitler’s Germany