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Broadcast: The Richard Tucker Gala

Starting at 6:00 PM, a live broadcast of this year’s Richard Tucker festivities. 

Stephanie Blythe, Mezzo-Soprano
Javier Camarena, Tenor
Anthony Roth Costanzo, Countertenor
Tara Erraught, Mezzo-Soprano
Anthony Clark Evans, Baritone
Vittorio Grigolo, Tenor
Ailyn Pérez, Soprano
Ekaterina Semenchuk, Mezzo-Soprano
Sir Bryn Terfel, Bass-Baritone
Tamara Wilson, Soprano

2017 Richard Tucker Award Winner
Nadine Sierra, Soprano

Nicola Luisotti, Conductor
Members of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra
New York Choral Society

  • fletcher

    Unpopular opinion: this isn’t a very good fugue

    • southerndoc1

      It’s good, but it ain’t a fugue.

  • hai lui

    I like the announcer’s vowels. But the commentary/fill?

    • Juan

      it’s bad.. like.. bad

  • Amika

    no really who is singing it

    • fletcher

      ACE, one assumes

      • Amika


      • Juan

        wasn’t he supposed to be ford?

        • fletcher

          Oh then I haven’t a clue

  • cielo e mar

    Nimet is hopeless as a live announcer!

    • H_Badger

      i dunno. kind of fits a lot of the night.

  • Amika

    they must have pulled up someone from the chorus

  • Brackweaver

    Czardas? Spelling? Has singing them in style vanished. They used to be sung with tons of panache. Vigor.

  • Juan

    This sounds worse than when Levine conducted it hopped up on painkillers…

  • fletcher

    Is this a mash-up with the Dies Irae?

  • Camille

    Oy. Tutto il mondo è burla! Indeed.

  • cielo e mar

    And the winner is Carfizzi.

    • Amika

      They brought him in just for this??? Poor guy they should have given him an aria

  • La Cieca

    Starting now: please join La Cieca for a “revolutionary” performance from Milan earlier this week:

  • grimoaldo2

    Well I quite enjoyed that at first but then it seemed to degenerate into “opera’s top ten tunes”

  • Clivia

    The “appropriate” amount of applause?

    • Amika

      yeah some of her comments were weird

  • grimoaldo2

    I liked Anthony Roth Costanzo singing from Handel’s Flavio and Anthony Clark Evans in the prologue from Pagliacci the most

    • Bill Hardt

      I would add Stephanie to this list.. but all in all, a lackluster night.

    • Amika

      I love Anthony Clark Evans too, what an incredible voice and artist.

  • Nelly della Vittoria

    Oh I’m loving reading all this commentary, but am not sure whether it was A) such a shitshow that I should be glad I didn’t listen; or B) such a shitshow that I should regret not having listened.

    • Camille

      The correct answer is A).

      • Bill

        Well Camille, I do not think anything sung the entire evening “Gala” knocked one’s socks off but I do not think I have listened to a Richard Tucker gala
        previously -- just read reviews in the NY Times.
        Are these Richard Tucker galas always featuring
        the most popular arias as this one did, or has the
        programming been more imaginative in the past?.

        • Camille

          Generally speaking, they are a lot better in every respect. Better singing, better conducting for sure, better choice of material appropriate to the singer and occasion. I found this rather confusingly lacking in all respects. Even Miss Sierra, who sang so well last year, did not make the same big impression on me she had previously, but that may be due partially to pressure and nerves. Not a Sternstunde by a country mile, in my opinion, and that is what these are all about. Maybe it’s also because I watched the Andrea Chénier this afternoon that this seemed ao limp. Conducting was very lame.

  • David Yllanes

    I was at Carnegie Hall yesterday. Can’t say I disagree with many of the negative comments here, although one always has a good time in this kind of events.

    Some of the problems (and the unimaginative programme) can be explained by the last-minute cancellations. Even the sheet of paper we were given with the changes to the programme was not accurate (it said Pati, rather than Grigolo, was going to sing “Tonight”). These two, by the way, represent the best and worst about the evening. The best was discovering an interesting young tenor in Pati, the worst were Grigolo’s antics as Canio.

    Some people were asking why the audience was laughing during Blythe’s Habanera. She directed alternatively amorous and menacing gestures to the conductor (and later to the concertmaster), she even grabbed his left hand. She got got a good laugh with “prends garde à toi!” and was rewarded with a standing ovation.